BETA: The Peerbot Slack app is currently being offered for free as part of our beta testing - your feedback will help us to improve it.

Pump your team up with peer-to-peer shoutouts. Help drive positive change with confidential peer feedback.

Real-time shoutouts mean real-time good vibes flowing through your company.

How Shoutouts Work

Any time you want to let someone know they’re appreciated, give them a shoutout through Peerbot! Either click on “Give a Shoutout” through the app, or type /peer to see a shoutout option pop up in your shortcut window.

How Feedback Works

Use the confidential peer feedback function to leave feedback in the form of a "do more" or "do less". Feedback is submitted anonymously, reviewed by the recipient’s manager, and then shared with the recipient with the click of a button. This helps you and your team improve daily and supports an easier annual review process. It enhances performance through real-time feedback.

Do More

Kudos on your detailed presentation! Absolutely keep sharing those insightful presentations with clear visuals!

Do Less

Try to hold back from diving too deep into details that might overwhelm newcomers.

TWILs: This Week I Learned

This week I learned...

By lazy loading images on our site, we can significantly cut down on initial load times and improve our Google PageSpeed score.

Discover collective insights with PeerBot's TWIL feature, integrated seamlessly within your Slack workspace. Through this feature, team members can share bite-sized learnings, creating a valuable knowledge repository that encourages continuous growth and innovation. This collaborative tool not only enriches individual team members but also provides a lasting resource for your entire company, fostering an environment where learning is both recognized and rewarding. Embrace a culture of shared insights and watch as your team's collective knowledge becomes a powerful catalyst for success.

Improve your company culture today!