Does Peerbot integrate with tools other than Slack?
Currently, Peerbot is only available for use via Slack.

Can Peerbot be used on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices?
Yes. The Peerbot Slack App can be used within Slack on web and mobile devices. We recommend using the Peerbot web application on desktop.

Do individual users have to register to use Peerbot?
All users within your Slack workspace are automatically added to Peerbot. They don't have to register in order to use Peerbot in Slack. In order to login to the web application, however, users will need to complete their registration by setting a password.

Can Peerbot be customized to allow for posts other than Shoutouts, Feedback, and TWILs?
At this time, Peerbot can't be customized.

Who can see and respond to posts submitted by Peerbot?
Shoutouts and TWILs are visible to everyone in the company. Feedback, however, is oriented toward the individual. Individuals will only see Feedback that pertains to them in the web application.

Are Peerbot posts shared with my team in real time?
Shoutouts and TWILs are shared in your Slack channels and visible by your entire team in real time. Feedback is not; individuals only see Feedback after their manager has approved it. Managers can either approve or reject feedback for those they manage. They can also leave a note with the feedback, often to provide context.

How can Peerbot users be assured their Feedback is completely anonymous?
Because Peerbot doesn't store a commenter's user id, Feedback is truly anonymous. Even company admins and moderators can't see who posted what.

This said, Peerbot's engineering team understands that anonymity can prove challenging for business leaders. For this reason, your Peerbot admins and managers must review Feedback before it is delivered to an individual; they will see Feedback, but won't know who submitted the item.

Are Shoutouts and TWILs anonymous?
Users can decide whether they want anonymity or attribution for each Shoutout they send. TWILs are alway attributed.

Can I remove users from Peerbot?
Admins can deactivate users from Peerbot, but they will not be deleted so that you can retain their historical data.

Is there a limit to how many administrators are on my Peerbot account?
All teams must have at least one Peerbot Admin (by default, the user who installed Peerbot to the Slack workspace). However, there is no limit to how many administrators can be added.

Can I download reports from my Peerbot dashboard?
People managers can download Shoutout and/or Feedback reports for the people they manage. The reports will contain all data that falls within the filtered time range on the dashboard.

Can my Peerbot dashboard be branded with my logo and colors?
At this time, Peerbot isn't able to be branded.

Can Peerbot be used for polls or surveys, like eNPS?
Peerbot can't be used for polls and surveys at this time.

Is Peerbot keyword searchable?
Yes, users can search Peerbot in the Slack app, just like they would search for anything in Slack.

Is my Peerbot channel content archived?
Your Shoutouts, Feedback and TWILs will always be available in the Peerbot dashboard. The archiving of Peerbot Slack messages is at the discretion of your company and may be dictated by company policy.